Presentation of our wood pellets

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Presentation of our wood pellets

Wood pellets, a heating system increasingly present.

With state support for the installation of pellet stoves, more and more individuals have installed the heating systems in their homes, what develop the firewood market.

What is wood pellets?

Just as compressed wood logs, wood pellets (or pellets) are manufactured in our factories from wood residues: sawdust and shavings.

With a manufacturing process requiring no binder material, wood pellets are an excellent fuel.

Complying with DIN + standard (heating efficiency) and from supervised forests, manufacturing remains under control and allow optimization of our forests.

What are the advantages of pellets ?

Simply  your heating management. Generally comprising a device controlling the flow setting, individuals can easily set the desired heating temperature in their home.

With their manufacture wood pellets also have a very low humidity for combustion providing very advantageous heat performance. Thus, at the same level, wood pellets provide a better level of heat that a log of classic wood.

Easier to store, wood pellets are cleaner than wood logs as their storage in sacks.

Finally, through our processes and certifications, be assured of the quality of our pellet. Efficient, economical and ecological, do not hesitate to get started in the pellet.

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