LMK Energy make his own compressed wood logs to have the best calorific value possible for your fuelwood.
In our factory , we manage 4 types of fuelwood : wood logs for days , night logs, pellet and BioCoal .

The BioCoal

Production of BioCoal

The torrefied biomass with TORSPYD®, also called BioCoal is a solid fuel high quality, ideal for many types of industrial applications, general or specific (barbecue , central heating, heat generation , co¬génération , power generation , etc …) . Thanks to its high energy performance , BioCoal can replace , partially or totally, the most common solid fuels (coal , peat, wood pellets, etc. …).

Wood pellets

Production of our wood pellets

Our pellet is created directly from sawdust and shavings compacted, without adding binder to benefit from the highest possible energy efficiency. Our pellets are actually certified Din + with European standards, the most stringent German standards for the combustion quality. During their combustion, these pellets do not cause release of chemicals in order to make a fully ecological product.
Natural and effective, these pellets are among the best available heating solutions.

Densified Wood logs

Production of densified wood logs

If you prefer to opt for wood logs, the LMK Energy company offers two types of logs, made exclusively from untreated wood chips for heat and keep performance and the ecological side.

Compacted to maximum for best performance, our logs have the advantage of adapting to all types of fireplace.

Take advantage of daily logs for quick and efficient combustion for heating rooms immediately or night logs to burn slower ( over 3 hours) to keep the embers burning and avoid wasted time and energy restart the fireplace.

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