Informations about our densified wood logs

Bûches de bois densifié

Informations about our densified wood logs

Give to your customers the best quality of firewood with our densified wood logs.

If the trend is a return to the firewood for a few years, the densified wood is one of the big winners. Back on this phenomenon.

What’s densified wood?

To begin, it is important to consider the production of densified wood. The densified wood logs manufactured in our plants consist only of untreated wood residues from sawmills mainly.

The benefit to have these wood chips and sawdust compressed to the max is our logs do not need any binder, preserving to maximum our ecology.

Is it really good for consumers?

Numbers show us the consumers can have satisfaction. It’s thanks to the power of our burning logs. Indeed, densified wood logs have an efficiency up to 4 times a log of classic wood.

Thus, for a log size and same weight, our compressed wood logs provide 4 times more heat than a conventional log and, in particular due thanks to the severe drought of compressed wood logs.

The advantage for consumers is to reduce inventory or increase purchasing volumes to better manage their heating system in the long term.

Besides the aspect heating power, our densified wood logs are also much cleaner. Indeed, our logs lose neither bark nor dust unlike a log of classic wood.

Finally, taking wood waste, the raw material is existing and therefore allows a more environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Moreover, besides the space gained, the densified wood is much “cleaner” than conventional logs of wood: they do not lose their bark or dust present in its composition.

Finally, being made from wood residues, these logs also have the advantage of being more environmentally friendly. Knowing also that our logs do not contain any chemicals for the production of logs, it reduces the pollution discharged and maintenance needed for your heating equipment.

Cleanliness, ecology, power, all elements to satisfy your customers.

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